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> Серия слънцезащитни продукти LUMENE
  Публикувано на: Oct 9 2007, 12:36 PM
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Серия слънцезащитни продукти Lumene Sun

Здравей лято! Здравей слънце!

Нова козметична серия от Lumene - SUN, която защитава кожата от вредното действие на слънчевите лъчи, като едновременно с това се грижи за нея и я предпазва от преждевременно стареене. Серията Lumene Sun включва пълна гама от продукти, които защитават кожата и правят приятни часовете, прекарани на слънце.

Изключителното действие на Lumene SUN се дължи на уникалния комплекс Lumene SUN ESSENCE™, широкоспектърната защита от UVA/UVB лъчи и хидратиращите, успокояващи и предпазващи от стареене качества на продуктите. Уникалният комплекс Lumene SUN ESSENCE™ е създаден на основата на масло от семената на арктическа малина, което заздравява естествените защитни механизми на кожата и я защитава от стареене, причинено от слънцето. Kомплексът е богат на каротеноиди и есенциални omega 3 наситени мастни киселини, които ефективно предпазват и възстановяват кожата от вредното действие на слънцето – стареене и изсушаване. Kомбинацията от витамини действа като силен антиоксидант и защитава кожата от вредното действие на свободните радикали и UVA/UVB лъчи на слънцето.

Kомплексът Lumene SUN ESSENCE™ осигурява приятно, копринено нежно усещане дори и след като кожата е била изложена цял ден на слънце и морски бриз.

Всички продукти са дерматологично тествани, лесно се нанасят, приятни са за употреба и позволяват на кожата да диша.

* Автобронзант за лице и тяло Lumene Sun Magic
* Автобронзиращи кърпички за изкуствен тен Lumene Sun Magic Ново!
* Слънцезащитен крем, предотвратяващ появата на бръчки Lumene SPF 30
* Слънцезащитен крем за лице и стик за устни Lumene SPF 40
* Слънцезащитен крем SPF 15 и тониращ дневен крем Lumene
* Слънцезащитен крем за тяло Lumene SPF 45 (SPF 30, SPF 15)
* Слънцезащитен крем за лице и тяло Lumene SPF 8
* Хидратиращ успокояващ лосион Lumene

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Публикувано на: Sep 21 2009, 10:23 AM
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People and Colors

One person chooses a bright red car, but another prefers a dark green. One family paints the living room a sunny yellow, but another family uses pure white. One child wants a bright orange ball, but another wants a light blue one. Psychologists and businessmen think these differences are important.(maple story mesos)

In general, people talk about two groups of colors: warm colors and cool colors. Researchers think that there are also two groups of people: people who prefer warm colors and people who prefer cool colors.
The warm colors are red, orange, and yellow. Where there are warm colors and a lot of light, people usually want to be active. People think that red, for example, is exciting. Sociable people, those who like to be with others, like red. The cool colors are green, blue, and violet. These colors, unlike warm colors, are relaxing. Where there are cool colors, people are usually quiet. People who like to spend time alone often prefer blue.
Red may be exciting, but one researcher says that time seems to pass more slowly in a room with warm colors than in a room with cool colors. He suggests that a warm color, such as read or orange, is a good color for a living room or restaurant. People who are relaxing or eating do not want time to pass quickly. Cool colors are better for offices or factories if the people who are working there want time to pass quickly. wow gold
Researchers do not know why people think some colors are warm and other colors are cool. However, almost everyone agrees that red, orange, and yellow are warm and that green, blue, and violet are cool. Perhaps warm colors remind people of warm days and the cool colors remind them of cool days. Because in the north the sum is low during winter, the sunlight appears quite blue. Because the sun is higher during summer, the hot summer sunlight appears yellow.

People associate colors with different objects, feelings, and holidays. Red, for example, is the color of fire, heat, blood, and life. People say red is an exciting and active color. They associate red with a strong feeling like anger. Red is used for signs of danger, such as STOP signs and fire engines. The holiday which is associated with red is Valentine's Day. On February 14, Americans send red hearts.gif to people they love.
Orange is the bright, warm color of leaves in autumn. People say orange is a lively, energetic color. They associate orange with happiness. They holidays which are associated with orange are Halloween in October and Thanksgiving Day in November. One October 31 many Americans put large orange pumpkins in their windows for Halloween.world of warcraft power leveling
Yellow is the color of sunlight. People say it is a cheerful and lively color. They associate yellow, too, with happiness. Because it is bright, it is used for signs of caution.
Green is the cool color of grass in spring. People say it is a refreshing and relaxing color. Machines in factories are usually painted light green.

Blue is the color of the sky, water, and ice. Police and Navy uniforms are blue. When people are sad, they say "I feel blue." They associate blue with feelings like unhappiness and fear.
Violet, or purple, is the deep, soft color of darkness or shadows. People consider violet a dignified color. They associate it with loneliness. On Easter Sunday people decorate baskets with purple ribbons.
White is the color of snow. People describe white as a pure, clean color. They associate white with a bright clean feeling. Doctors and nurses normally wear white uniforms. On the other hand, black is the color of night. People wear black clothes at serious or formal ceremonies.
Businessmen know that people choose products by color. Businessmen want to manufacture products which are the colors people will buy. Fox example, an automobile manufacturer needs to know how many cars to paint red, how many green, and how many black. Good businessmen know that young people prefer different colors than old people do and men prefer different colors than women do. world of warcraft gold

Young children react to the color of an object before they react to its shape. They prefer the warm colors - red, yellow, and orange. When people grow older, they begin to react more to the shape of an object than to its color. The favorite color of adults of all countries is blue. Their second favorite color is red, and their third is green.
On the whole, women prefer brighter colors than men do. Almost everyone likes red, but women like yellow and green more than men do. Pink is usually considered a feminine color. Blue is usually considered a masculine color. As a result, people dress baby girls in pink and baby boys in blue. However, it is dangerous to generalize because taste changes. For example, years ago businessmen wore only white shirts; today they wear many different colors, including pink.aion gold
If two objects are the same except for color, they will look different. Color can make an object look nearer than a blue object. For example, red letters on a blue sign look as though they are in front of the sign. Bright objects look larger than dark objects. However, they are actually the same size. Large or fat people who want to look smaller or slimmer wear dark clothes. When they wear dark clothes, they look smaller and slimmer than they are.

In conclusion, color is very important to people. Warm and cool colors affect how people feel. People choose products by color. Moreover, color affects how an object looks. It is even possible that your favorite color tells a lot about you.

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